Make words mean more

Frame perfect video annotations with endless annotation points for each frame
MP4, webm, OGG, mkv, hevc
Customisable shortcuts to speed up workflows
Collect specific video samples with our data collection app, Taskmonk Nimble

Enable your ML Algos???

NER with Multiple Occurrences
Classify multiple strings of text into pre-defined categories to make your NLP models smarter
Sentiment Analysis
Train your ML models to uncover the emotional tone behind the text Whether its positive, negative or any other emotions
Annotate strings of text and specific entities to train your ML models to translate better
Text Classification
Segregate texts based on pre-defined categories and classes

E-Commerce Use cases

Search and Product Recommendation
Annotate product descriptions, reviews and train your ML algos to understand user preferences for curated results
Catalog Curation
Refine your catalogs with the right attributes for accurate, relevant answers to queries
Product Comparison
Annotate the relevant attributes of a product to help customers perform in-depth analyses
Multi Lingual Voice Assistant
Train your chatbots and assistants on customer queries to decode multiple languages and dialects
Pre-Label datasets from our arsenal of trained models to blaze through raw data
Leverage our QC methods, Maker Checker, Editor and Majority vote to generate quality training data
Access our vetted, highly experienced team of annotators, preferred by the biggest F500s, for annotating data at scale
Isn't it time you stopped ruining your AI with low quality training data ?