A Zen approach to forge wisdom from raw data

A Zen approach to forge wisdom from raw data
The first time you use Taskmonk, you immediately notice that it doesn't pretend to be flashy. Its bereft of "noise". That's because it's designed to be purposeful. And behind that purposeful design hides a wealth of battle tested insights that helps Taskmonk power AI teams at some of the biggest enterprises in the world.
You see, when a platform is used by 5000+ individuals everyday to sift through terabytes of raw data, millions of tasks over 6+ years, patterns emerge. Patterns that have become the foundation for Taskmonk's utility.
While the world loves to marvel at AI innovations and cutting edge advancements( we do too), the mundaneness behind the glamor is real. We know it all too well, because we live it.
Making AI smart is never ending. It needs a constant transfer of human wisdom over extended periods of time and this has made us believe in "better". We play our part in helping people like you , at the forefront of technology, be better than you were, yesterday.
So , when you do use Taskmonk know it is built to be parsimonious . Every functionality, feature and interaction is optimised to enable annotators maximise their effort.

What can Taskmonk do for you?

For Enterprise (F500) Decision makers looking to leverage AI, using Taskmonk to train your AI will most probably be a decision you won't regret

You get an entire data labeling infrastructure packaged as a software solution that works with your labeling teams combined with white glove support at a price which will definitely not break the bank

For training data enterprises, Taskmonk becomes your technology partner and will probably be the easiest way for you to become enterprise ready

Labeler centric design resonates throughout the platform which means you get insane ROIs, and get maximum bang for buck on your labeling budgets.