Make words mean more

Frame perfect video annotations with endless annotation points for each frame
MP4, webm, OGG, mkv, hevc
Customisable shortcuts to speed up workflows
Collect specific video samples with our data collection app, Taskmonk Nimble

Enable your ML Algos???

Bounding Boxes with Interpolation
Isolate objects within an image by drawing overlays with remarkable precision
Polygon Annotation
Annotate shape agnostic objects within an image for a more precise outline in complex scenes
Polyline Annotation
Define linear features or open shapes in images, like roads, lanes etc giving your algos a better understanding of the real world
Pose Estimation
Keypoint annotation for fine grained recognition of various points in a human pose
Digitisation - OCR
Auto Extract handwritten or digital text from images and populate different fields
Multi-Layer Annotation
Layer different annotations in a single image for different objects

Special Tooling

Magic Wand
Automatically create a segment based on color and tone
Super Pixel
Create a segment automatically by detecting a group of pixels that share a common characteristic
Single Click Object Detection
Annotate a single point within an object and let the inbuilt AI do the work for you
Object Detection in a bounding Box
Automatically annotate multiple objects within a bounding box
Pre-Label datasets from our arsenal of trained models to blaze through raw data
Leverage our QC methods, Maker Checker, Editor and Majority vote to generate quality training data
Access our vetted, highly experienced team of annotators, preferred by the biggest F500s, for annotating data at scale
Isn't it time you stopped ruining your AI with low quality training data ?