Data Labeling Resources

E-Commerce Use Cases on Taskmonk

AI is no longer a competitive advantage for an enterprise eCommerce company, it’s a barrier to entry. Discover the range of labeling projects that can be deployed on Taskmonk using our no-code platform to build intuitive workflows


Data Annotation : Billion Dollar Potential Driving the AI Revolution – Report by Nasscom

Taskmonk was featured in this report which talks about the data labeling market in India : Data annotation market serviced by India can exceed USD 7 Bn. by 2030 with up to 1 Mn. Workforce engaged. Evolved AI-assisted Annotation Platforms will significantly boost human productivity and change the role of human annotators


AI in e-Commerce – Report by Omdia

Look at what we discovered during the AI Business Week Conference when we attended the session on “How E-Commerce Market Leaders are Taking AI to the Next Level


Just and Equitable Data Labeling towards a responsible AI supply chain – Report by Aapti Institute

Read this report where our CEO, Mr Sampath Herga shares his views on the Evolution of AI Data Labeling work and emerging trajectories


Taskmonk Platform Capabilities

This document gives you an overview of Taskmonk’s capabilities in Labeling Workflow Management, Labeling Partner Management , Labeling Acceleration, Label Quality Management, Data Pipeline Management, Reporting and Analytics.


Taskmonk Explainer Video

An Overview of Taskmonk’s Value Proposition

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