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Time-Saving Data Labeling Tools for Ecommerce AI Teams

Train your models faster than ever with AI optimized data labeling tools that save you money and boost data quality.

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Build and deploy AI data labeling tasks without developers

Stop waiting on developers to code your workflow or letting your labeling teams create their own inconsistent processes.

Our no-code data labeling service lets you create efficient workflows and intuitive UI using our drag-and-drop builder. Update your tasks whenever you need to and deploy them instantly to the teams that need them.

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User-friendly tasks

Create intuitive workflows to make it simple for your labeling team, increase speed, and reduce errors.

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Video, text, NLP & more

Design tasks for any data type, including product taxonomies and attribute lists that other data labeling tool don’t support.

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Real-time task updates

Modify tasks in minutes to optimize processes or procure new data. Redeploy them without disrupting your workflow.

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Strategic allocation

Allocate tasks to a single team or multiple teams, set deadlines, and assign a team lead to your data labeling and classification projects.


Get more training data from your AI data labeling budget

Taskmonk lets you securely manage all of your eCommerce data labeling teams in one place, whether they’re in-house, third-party, or a combination of both.

Set your own allocation rules to assign tasks, or use our task allocation algorithm to help you optimize the process to save time and money.

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One-stop management

Bring in-house and third-party labeling teams onto a single platform to assign tasks and monitor performance easily.

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Rule-based assignments

Auto-assign tasks to labeling teams based on quota, language, data type, product category, or any criteria you choose.

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AI-assisted optimization

Assign tasks on a first-come, first-served basis, or let our algorithms match each task with the perfect labeler to maximize output.

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Unlimited partners

Invite unlimited labeling partners to set up their own teams, add employees, and manage attributes inside Taskmonk.

Slash your cost per label by up to 26%

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Save time and money with faster data labeling service

Taskmonk features proprietary tools to help you accelerate labeling speed, while also improving data quality.

Use the power of AI to assign tasks efficiently, automate labeling processes, and amplify the output of your human labeling team.

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Smart pre-labeling

Access our AI models to accurately prelabel data and skyrocket the productivity of your labeling team.

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Human interactive AI

Our AI data labeling models can learn from watching your human labelers and then assist with repetitive tasks to boost efficiency.

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Intelligent task allocation

Our task allocation algorithms match your task to the ideal labelers to reduce your per label cost and improve data quality.

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Find labeling partners

Need more labeling help? We’ll connect you with high-quality labeling partners to accelerate your output.


Generate higher-quality training data for your models

Taskmonk gives you all the tools you need to improve your label data accuracy and keep tabs on all your labeling teams.

Choose the QC method that fits, create strategic sampling rules, and even error-proof your data labeling at the point of entry.

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QC for any task

Use Maker-Checker, Maker-Editor, and Consensus QC methods. Apply the right strategy for each task and data type.

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Better QC sampling

Configure rules to create intelligent QC samples that account for high-risk teams, new users, or other critical factors.

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Real-time reports

Track AI data labeling progress in real-time. Monitor individuals or teams and easily access analytics on labeling tasks.

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Error prevention

Codify rules to improve data quality. Allow only numeric text, a number of digits, or other logic to eliminate human error upfront.

Taskmonk makes your life easier!

We've designed Taskmonk to integrate smoothly with your existing technologies so that you don't miss a beat.

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Seamless API integrations

Taskmonk integrates easily into your existing tech stack and data flow processes. Use simple APIs for 2-way data exchange in real-time.

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Precoded Connectors

Connect your Taskmonk data to models with AWS, Azure, Alibaba, and Baidu with a click using our prebuilt connectors.

Build better AI faster with Taskmonk